Chiropractic care focuses on abnormal movements of the spine and the effects theses restrictions have on body and nervous system. The aim of Chiropractic is to increase nervous system efficiency and maximise mobility allowing the nervous system to communicate with the body without any irritations or restrictions. 
In small animals the most common symptoms include pain, disfunction and abnormal movement and posture.
Other symptoms to look out for:
  • Limited performance. 
  • Reluctance to - move, climb stairs or jump onto raised areas.
  • Undefined lameness, ambling or slow gait, worn down nails on one or more paws.
  • Hypersensitivity to touch.
  • Lick granuloma on legs or paws.
  • Altered sitting position. 
  • Recurrent digestive trouble.

The restricted joints are adjusted with just the hands or fingers by making a 
quick, precise thrust along the plane of the joints of the affected vertebrae.
Soft tissue massage is also incorporated in the treatments to help loosen tight, 
tense muscles that can be contributing to joint restrictions. Most animals show visible 
improvement after one-four treatments.  

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