Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

When a muscle is torn or damaged the tear or damage is repaired by the body using scar tissue. This Scar tissue creates a weakness in the muscle and can cause re-injury sometimes months after the original injury has healed. Thats not to say that scar tissue has to be caused by trauma. Sitting at a desk for hours, weeks, years can have a similar long term effect on the muscles. 

So what is Scar tissue?

Scar tissue is made from inflexible, poorly vascularised, fibrous material called collagen. This fibrous material binds itself to the damaged soft tissue fibres in the muscle in an attempt to draw the damaged fibres back together. What results is a bulky mass of fibrous scar tissue that surrounds the injury site, can also be known as adhesions or 'knots', you can sometimes feel or even see these fibrous mass's under the the skin. This Scar tissue that has formed to aid protection and healing of the injury is never as strong as the tissue that it has replaced. It also tends to contract (become shorter) which can deform surrounding tissue so both the strength and flexibility of the tissue is compromised and the muscle cannot function effectively. 

So how does Sports massage work?

Sports Massage is a great way to reduce unwanted, problematic scar tissue by breaking down the fibrous adhesions and restoring blood flow to the area. It can sometimes be very uncomfortable especially with deep tissue massage but the overall result is very effective at restoring muscle function and reducing associated pain. 
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